A pool of experts on neurosis.

We know how to effectively deal with
fear, anxiety, panic attacks.

"Any condition has a reason and it is important to be able to find it, and the rest is a matter of technology."

Maria Mazurina

President of the International Association of Experts on Neurosis (IAN) in Russia


Individual counseling

Personal consultation on requests for anxiety, fear, panic attacks by the experts of the association.

Therapeutic groups

Group consultation, in which the result of the group is achieved at the expense of the results of each and vice versa. The requests are the same: anxiety, fear, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts, etc.

Research activities

Aimed at finding and identifying effective ways to work with neurotic disorders.

Experience exchange

Conducting summits and conferences for the exchange of experience, topical problems and prospects of the direction.


Conducting individual and group supervision and intervision by leading experts.

Our experts

Maria Mazurina

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Approaches used

Psychological help

CBT, Gestalt, Coaching, DPDG, Hypnosis, etc.

Exclusion of physiological causes

Examination by a neurologist for the presence of a physiological problem in the client's condition.

Medication support

In rare cases, a person needs temporary medication support. We strive to use this approach only when absolutely necessary and do not deny the possibility of its application. Experienced psychotherapists help you choose the right medication.

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